2019 Legislative Agenda

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City of Cedar Park 2019 Legislative Agenda

86th Legislative Session


Legislative Philosophy

The City of Cedar Park seeks to preserve its authority as a Home Rule City and its ability to govern in the best interest of its citizens.  The elected leaders of the City believe that governance and politics at the local level are closest to the local taxpayers and are best able to produce positive outcomes for the people of Cedar Park.

During this 86th Legislative Session, numerous bills will be proposed that have the potential to seriously erode our City’s ability to carry out its overall mission.   When we are proactive in monitoring the activities of the Texas Legislature, we help ensure that the taxpayers of Cedar Park can continue to enjoy the quality of life that they have come to expect and deserve.

The City of Cedar Park will support any legislation that advances the strategic goals and interests of the City and conversely, will oppose any legislation that the Council views as detrimental or contrary to the City’s ability to govern itself as a Home Rule City.

The City will follow, and respond as necessary to, legislation pertaining to local fiscal policy, infrastructure issues, economic development programs, preservation of local land use and annexation authority, public safety (including Civil Service), and other issues that may impact the citizens of Cedar Park.

Items of Interest for the 86th Legislature

  • Legislation that may impact the Cedar Park community, its residents and the City’s authority and operations;
  • Proposed legislation related to local budgeting authority and revenue sources;
  • Retaining Chapter 312 of the Tax Code pertaining to tax abatements for economic development projects; and
  • Supporting local discretion and authority regarding the homestead property tax exemption.

Possible Cedar Park Legislative Initiatives

  • Supporting the City’s ability to fund capital improvements for facilities related to tourism and economic development.