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During this time when so many of us are staying and working from home, we all have more trash. In an effort to help keep our streets clean during this time, we want to help by making sure your streets and homes stay clean and clear of clutter. While we are under the Stay Home Stay Safe directive, Central Texas Refuse will be implementing the following in all Cedar Park neighborhoods:

  • All recycling (in or out of the cart, bundled or unbundled) will be collected by the truck
  • Trash will still include your cart plus seven (7) additional items
  • Any recyclables out on trash-only days will be counted as one of the seven (7) additional items
  • Remember there is a second truck that may come either before or after the trash truck to pick up extra items outside the cart 

Our goal is to have your streets clear of all trash and recycling by 6 p.m. on your weekly trash day. And give a little wave of thanks (from a safe distance) to the Central Texas Refuse crews. They are doing their best to keep Cedar Park beautiful. Feel free to report any issues through CP Connect 2.0, by calling CTR at 512-243-2833 or through our website.

Trash Changes - Automated, Side-Loading Truck

Central Texas Refuse, your trash and recycling pickup provider, is using a new automated, side-loading truck in most neighborhoods in Cedar Park. In order for your trash cart to be serviced by this new automated, side-loading truck, your cart must be set out a minimum of three feet from other objects – including your recycling cart. Set your cart out with the wheels to the curb. Bags or small branches left outside the cart will be loaded into the emptied cart by the driver and re-dumped into the truck. For items that do not fit in the cart, a secondary truck will service these items. The second truck may arrive before or after the automated truck to service extra trash.


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Central Texas Refuse/Cedar Park Disposal

Cedar Park's solid waste pickup provider is Central Texas Refuse.  The company operates in Cedar Park as Cedar Park Disposal.  Central Texas Refuse was founded in 1981 and has approximately 100 full-time employees serving about 50,000 residential customers throughout Central Texas. 

Trash and recycling pickup schedule and information.

Residential Refuse
95-gallon green cart
Same as former service. Residents receive weekly pickup of refuse in their 95-gallon container.
Bulky Collection
Same as former service. Residents may set up to 7 items outside of their cart on a weekly basis. "Bulky items" includes bags and/or large items such as brush, appliances*, etc.

*An additional handling charge of $25 made payable directly to Central Texas Refuse will be charged for pickup of any appliance containing CFC's, such as refrigerators, freezers, or air conditioning units.  Please contact Central Texas Refuse directly at 512-243-2833 to make payment arrangements.
Single-Stream Recycling
Every other week
95-gallon blue cart
Service expansion from former service. Single-stream recycling program includes glass and expanded plastics. Click here for a complete list of acceptable and non-acceptable recycling items.

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