Water Reclamation

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To provide a continuous and high quality treatment of wastewater for our customers that meets or exceeds all State and Federal requirements through the use of employees focused on safety, quality operations, and proper maintenance of facility equipment, in an environment that promotes safety, training, professional certification and advancement of our employees.

What is water reclamation?

Simply put, it is treating domestic wastewater to such a degree that we are able to reclaim all available water. Why would we want to do that, you ask? 99.9% of domestic wastewater is valuable, useable product. You see, here in Cedar Park our drinking water comes from Lake Travis and it’s not free. The City buys every gallon we pump out of the lake from the Lower Colorado River Authority. Then there’s the cost of treating that water so it meets all the state & federal requirements for drinkable or “potable” water. So every gallon of wastewater we can treat and reclaim is money saved. Even the water we reclaim can be used to water the lawns and trees in the parks, wash down basins at the wastewater plant, even wash down vehicles and equipment. The standard for “reuse” water is actually just below that of “potable” water. This saves thousands of gallons of “potable” water each year, and since all the wastewater that’s treated at the Cedar Park Water Reclamation Facility is to a reuse standard, all the wastewater the facility releases into the receiving stream is of very high quality.

This facility and its staff are very proud and committed to the role we play both in our community and in our environment… we are making a difference one gallon at a time.

Department Responsibilities

  • Provides 24-hour per day, 7-day per week operations at treatment facility.
  • Checks all facility equipment at least once per shift.
  • Adjusts various facility equipment several times per shift to maintain treatment process.
  • Collects samples for laboratory testing.
  • Performs sludge wasting and dewatering four times per week using belt filter press.
  • Washes basins daily and scrubs basins weekly.
  • Provides various reports to City Hall staff and outside agencies.
  • Schedules major maintenance of facility equipment.
  • Reviews operational surveys and worksheets and communicates plant status and operational needs at shift changes.
  • Reviews daily results of contract laboratory.
  • Checks chemicals, lab, office and infection control supplies and orders as needed.
  • Maintains facility grounds.

Did you know?

The cost of operating a Waste Water Treatment Facility is reflected in your monthly bill. To help keep costs down please don't dispose of harmful chemicals down your drain such as:

  • paint cleaning
  • fluids
  • solvents
  • pesticides
  • fertilizers
  • gasoline (or ANY flammable materials)
  • oils and antifreeze

Not only are these harmful but it is ILLEGAL to dispose of these materials down your drain. Once these harmful chemicals enter the treatment facility, they can kill the bacteria needed to clean the wastewater. When this happens, it can make it very difficult to meet all the standards required by State and Federal regulations and permits.

Please don't use your sewer line to drain the water from your yard during rainy periods! Large amounts of rainwater in the sewer system cause costly problems at the treatment plant. Any pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals placed on your yard get drained into the sewer system as well. These chemicals kill the bacteria used to treat the wastewater.

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Contact Information:

Utility Superintendent:
Chris Nauert
Phone:512-401-5330, 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, excluding holidays
Fax: 512-401-5593