Water System Leak Detection and Repair

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Is Your Water Bill Leaking?
"It’s just a tiny leak, right? How bad could it be?" The information below will help to explain how bad it can be. The figures or amounts used are not exact and are for informational purposes only.

Even small leaks and drips add up fast. For an average home using 9,000 gallons a month, a dripping faucet can cost over $10/month. If that leak worsens to a dribbling, steady stream, you’re looking at $50 to $100 each month in wasted water. Have a worn out or defective toilet flapper that keeps your toilet constantly running? Expect to shell out another $50 to $100.

Your costs skyrocket when you’re wasting hot water. Together, water heating, water and wastewater costs for a small steady stream of hot water – just a quarter of a gallon per minute – can cost over $200 a month. Keep putting off the repair, and you’ll waste $2,400 in a year.

The cost of repairing the leak is small in comparison and not only saves you money, but conserves water resources as well.   

You can see how much water you are using in near real-time, set up water usage alerts and even detect leaks by signing up for our digital water meter customer portal at www.yourerunningthesh2ow.com.