Transportation & Mobility

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Alternative Fuels & Petroleum Reduction: The City Council has made a commitment to the integration of alternative fuel into the City’s fleet because of the benefits including potential reduced fuel and maintenance costs, environmental benefits, and energy independence. The Texas Railroad Commission awarded the City of Cedar Park a grant to help cover the incremental cost of ten propane-fueled vehicles and a propane fueling station. The first propane fleet vehicles hit the streets in 2011.

Additionally, the City is a member of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Coalition program. The Clean Cities program is a network of approximately 90 coalitions which develop public and private partnerships to promote alternative fuels and petroleum reduction.

Anti-Idling Technology: Using grant funds, the City purchased and installed radios which improve the timing of intersections in order to decrease time spent idling at stop lights. The result is a reduction of fuel consumption and exhaust emission.

Promoting Walkability: The City has an ongoing program dedicated to closing the gaps between existing sidewalks in order to promote walkability around the community. The sidewalks along US 183/ Bell Boulevard are examples of this initiative.