Solid Waste & Recycling

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Solid Waste & Recycling Measures:

Single Stream Recycling: Cedar Park was one of the first communities in central Texas to offer residents single-stream recycling. We began providing this service in February 2010. This has been incredibly successful; our average monthly recycling has jumped from 98 tons (when residents used the small blue bin) of diverted waste to 252 tons (now that residents have access to the larger 90 gallon bin)! 

Waste Oil Reuse and Disposal: The City’s Fleet Maintenance Shop disposes of its used oil, anti-freeze and oil filters in an environmentally friendly way. By recycling used oil, we prevent it from entering our sewer system, thereby impacting our water system. 

We’ve Gone Paperless: During the last few years, the City has introduced new technologies that have encouraged employees to use electronic records whenever possible. The City Council reads and reviews their Agendas and related documents online, records are kept in an electronic format, and employees are encouraged to utilize shared networks to collaborate on projects and documents rather than printing drafts. Reducing paper usage not only helps our environment, but also saves money for office supplies.