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Water cutoff valve

Many of these questions and answers are closely tied to the Development Services Department. If you do not find answers to your questions here, please try the FAQ for the Development Services Department.

Is my property in a floodplain or floodway?
Call the engineering department with a legal address at 512-401-5000.

Who can help me determine water and wastewater availability if there has not been service to a specific location before?
Call the engineering department for assistance at 512-401-5000. If you have cost inquiries on tap fees or community impact fees, Call the engineering department at 512-401-5000.

What do I do if my water pressure is low?
Call 512-401-5550 to report the problem and a technician will be dispatched.

What do I do if I have a question regarding my water bill?
Call the Utility Billing Department at 512-401-5300. They are located at 450 Cypress Creek Road, Bldg 2. Our friendly and courteous Utility Accounts Specialists will be available to answer your questions. See Utility Billing link for more information: Utility Billing Dept.

Who do I contact for a water line inspection?
Call the Building Inspection Department at 512-401-5100.

Does the City re-pave all the streets?
City crews do repave some streets while contractors are hired for the larger repaving jobs.

Who do I contact to report potholes?
Call the Street Department at 512-401-5550.Please report potholes inside of the city limits to Streets Department at 512-401-5550 or by e-mail at pwadmin@cedarparktexas.gov.

Who should I contact about tree obstructions in right-of-way?
Residents are encouraged to participate in clearing foliage from easements and right-of-ways on and adjacent to your property. You may bundle and tie debris no larger than 4 feet in length.  Limbs should be no larger than 4" in diameter. Bundles should not exceed 60 pounds in order to be collected and disposed of by the City’s solid waste vendor on your trash pick-up day. Occasionally the City may elect to prune branches to the minimum standard of 14 feet above roadways and 8 feet above sidewalks. Foliage around water meters should also be groomed so the meter can easily be read.  You may notify the Street Department regarding line of sight obstructions at 512-401-5550 or by e-mail at pwadmin@cedarparktexas.gov.

Is the City responsible for streetlights?
Through a contract with the City of Cedar Park, Pedernales Electric Cooperative maintains the vast majority of streetlights within the city limits – depending upon the location. You can report streetlights out through our Report a Problem request page, call Public Works  at 512-401-5550 or e-mail us at pwadmin@cedarparktexas.gov.  We will report it to P.E.C.  The repair time is approximately 7-10 business days. Note: Streetlights located in MUD districts are maintained by parties other than the City.

How can you tell I have a leak?
Turn off all water in your house. Look at the red slow flow indicator on the face of the meter register, it should not be moving. IF it is moving there are possibilities of a leak.

Who do I call to check for a leak in my meter box?
For prompt attention to your problem, call Public Works  at 512-401-5550 and you will be greeted by one of our specialized technicians that will process a work order so a crew can be dispatched.

If I have a leak, how do I turn my water off for repairs?
Most homes have a customer gate valve which is typically located just beyond the meter between the meter and the house. The valve can be inside the meter box, but is usually outside the box housed by a 4” PVC pipe with a small round lid. This is known as a valve box. If you cannot locate a gate valve or if it is inoperable, you will need to call 512-401-5550 to have a technician dispatched to your residence to disconnect service on the city side. The city shut off (angle valve) is located inside the meter box immediately before the meter. THIS VALVE IS FOR CITY USE ONLY. Tampering with the valve or meter is a violation of Ordinance #82-18, and can be subject to prosecution.  Your cut off valve is located in the round structure, in proximity to your rectangle-shaped water meter box.  It may be labeled, "Property Owners Cutoff".  Here is an example: 


How do I read my meter?
The numbers line of numbers are on the face of the meter register and are read from left to right.

Can I get my meter tested for peace of mind?
Yes. Contact Utility Billing at 512-401-5300 to request a meter test and discuss any fees that may be charged to your account for this procedure.

What are all the wires in my meter box?
The wires in your meter box are part of the City’s Radio Read Program. They connect meter servicing your home to the Mobil Transceiver Unit (MXU). The MXU communicates with the computer in the vehicle designated to pick up readings from your neighborhood.

Is the City of Cedar Park responsible for the repair of my service?
The Water Distribution Department is responsible for maintaining service up to and including the curb stop which is generally located near the property line. Call Public Works for repair service at 512-401-5550 or e-mail pwadmin@cedarparktexas.gov.  Any repair required from the backside of the meter box (lines leading into a building) is the responsibility of the owner.

Why does the City of Cedar Park not repair the lines running to the building?
Water and wastewater service lines located on private property are privately owned; therefore, once the water leaves the meter, it becomes the customer’s responsibility.

How do I locate water mains and wastewater mains if I am doing excavation?
You are responsible to call 811 at least 5 business days prior to digging. 811 will contact the City of Cedar Park to locate and mark water and wastewater lines per your request. Remember: “CALL BEFORE YOU DIG!”

What is the water pressure to my property?
The water pressure varies throughout the city and depends on a number of factors. Contact Public Works at 512-401-5550 or e-mail pwadmin@cedarparktexas.gov for questions or concerns regarding water pressure.

How do I have my water tuned off in the event of an emergency?
Call Public Works at 512-401-5550 during normal business hours, and a technician will be dispatched to assist you. In the event of an after-hours emergency or during scheduled holidays, contact 512-260-4600 Ext. 0, and Dispatch will assist.

My water just started looking milky and dirty, what is going on?
Some products which normally adhere to the inside of water mains occasionally break free when a fire hydrant is opened or a valve is operated. These products may cause water to appear cloudy or dirty. Water main repair or construction can also cause this temporary inconvenience. If the condition occurs at your address, allow the cold-water tap to run (approximately 5 minutes) until the water clears. If the condition persists, call Public Works at 512-401-5550 or e-mail pwadmin@cedarparktexas.gov, and a technician will be dispatched.

What causes the tiny air bubbles in my water?
Air bubbles occur most often when water is very cold and then warms up while in the property’s interior piping. Colder water has the capacity to hold more air than warmer water. Therefore, air is released from the solution in the form of tiny bubbles as the water warms. At times, the water may be densely filled with air and appear cloudy. An easy way to check the cause of cloudiness is to fill a clear glass with the water, set it aside, and watch for changes. If the cloud rises from bottom to top, air is escaping as the water warms. If the cloud sinks from the top to the bottom, you may have a sediment problem. If the condition persists, call Public Works at 512-401-5550 or e-mail pwadmin@cedarparktexas.gov, and a technician will be dispatched.