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Smart911: Empowering you to make public safety personal


What is Smart911?
Smart911 is an online tool that allows each Cedar Park household to create a single safety profile that contains information about medical needs, homes and vehicles, landline and mobile phone numbers, emergency contacts and pets.

How does Smart911 Help Me?
The Cedar Park Police Department and the Cedar Park Fire Department are empowering you to make public safety personal using Smart911. In the event that someone in your home calls 911 from a phone number listed in your profile, the information that you have chosen to share will be provided to first responders so they can reach you faster and already be aware of your specific needs ahead of time. By taking the time to proactively register, you are alerting police and fire to details that will help them serve you better.

One Cedar Park resident who signed up offered the following reflection, “My wife and I figure that in an emergency, when seconds count, we want emergency responders to have as much information as possible to get to our home quickly and have knowledge about us before they get here.” He also added that first responders will even know about his 100 lb. dog saying, “I also chose to give responders access to his picture, his ID chip number and the name of his vet.”

What do I need to know about registration?
The registration process can be done using your computer and a phone. The first step to registering is to visit the Smart911 website. Remember that you can enter as much or as little information as you’d like in each section and your account will be considered active for six months following your most recent log in. As part of the registration process, you will also be required to confirm your account by choosing between a text message and a phone call.

I still have more questions…
No problem! We encourage you to check out the Smart911 FAQs