Part-Time Specialty Units

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S.R.T. - Special Response Team

The Cedar Park Special Response Team also known within the Department as “SRT,” is a part-time, specially trained unit which handles high risk operations. SRT is the Department’s tactical unit which is called upon to deal with barricaded subjects, suicidal persons, high-risk warrant service, hostage situations, dignitary protection, and any specialized situation that the regular patrol officer is not commonly trained for.

SRT is specially equipped with some of the latest innovations in Officer safety and weaponry.
SRT members also serve as trainers for various operational and tactical training, as well as providing training for the CAPCOG Regional Police Academy. SRT members attend a number of tactical training schools and conferences conducted by the Texas Tactical Police Officer’s Association and other organizations dedicated to police tactical training.

The team is comprised of an entry team, a scout/sniper team, and is assisted by the Department’s Negotiations Unit.

Crisis Negotiations Team

The Cedar Park Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT) is a part time specially trained unit which handles high risk operations with the Special Response Team (SRT). The Crisis Negotiations team works hand in hand with the SRT team to deal with barricaded subjects, suicidal persons, hostage situations and various calls in which a subject may have lost the ability to cope with what is going on in their lives. The CNT team attempts to end these types of situations peacefully without use of force. The CNT team typically listens to the person involved and uses specialized training in mental health and mental health illnesses to talk to the person and actively listen which hopefully allows for them to regain normal levels of emotions and thought processes.

Honor Guard

The Cedar Park Police Honor Guard is a voluntary team of officers who recognize the honor of police service and have a pride in their profession and their department. Honor Guard members act as official representatives of the Cedar Park Police Department at annual memorial functions and on those unfortunate occasions where a peace officer has been killed in the line of duty. Honor Guard members train in presentation and parade techniques that are used not only at memorial ceremonies, but also on many occasions where an event requires the posting or presentation of colors. Team Members realize that they are very conspicuous representatives of the Department and take great effort in maintaining their Honor Guard regalia, including their special issued gear and uniforms. The Honor Guard has been in existence since spring of 1996 and has grown and changed over the years. Many current members are excited about specialized training and learning techniques that can be utilized in bringing honor to themselves, their department and the City of Cedar Park.