Fine Schedule

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Please see below for the fine and costs for certain offenses filed in the court. If your violation is not listed below, you may contact the Court for the amount due, or click on the "Pay My Bill" button on the City's main website, then click on "Fine/Citation/Warrant. If you need assistance, please call the Municipal Court at 512-260-4300.

The maximum fine for most municipal court cases is as follows:

Traffic Violations, $200 (fines may be doubled for some offenses if it occurred in a construction zone with workers present)
Penal Violations, $500
City Ordinances, $500
(Ordinance violations re: fire safety, zoning, or public health and sanitation), $4000

*This is the base fine only, and does not include court costs.  Additionally, if you fail to appear in court by your scheduled appearance date, your fine may be increased.
Violation Base Fine*
Speeding $5 per mile over limit ($10 in construction zone)
Disregard Red Light $102
Disregard Stop Sign $102
Fail to Control Speed $200
Expired Motor Vehicle Registration*** $57
Fail to Maintain Financial Responsibility*** $302
No Driver's License*** $77
Failure to Yield Right of Way $117
Seat Belt (adult) $50
Seat Belt (child) $100
Theft under $100 $305
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia $205
Assault $305
Public Intoxication $205
Code - Animal at Large (1st offense) $35
Code - Unwholesome/Unsanitary Conditions $225
Code - Fireworks $125
Failure to Appear $105