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Appearances and Defendant Requests

In most, but not all cases,  you may make your initial appearance (date typically listed on citation), or submit a request for action in your case in any of the ways listed below. Please note that you may be required to appear in court (either in person, or by remote hearing) at a later date.

1. In Writing: Written initial appearances may be made by email, fax, or by postal mail, and must include a copy of your photo identification, phone number, and mailing address, and must be signed by the defendant (manually or by typing your full name at the end of your request).

a. Email: municipal.court@cedarparktexas.gov (Please note if you correspond with the Court via email, all future correspondence and official notices from the Court will be delivered to you at the email address provided).

b. Fax: 512-259-9796

c. Postal Mail: Cedar Park Municipal Court, 911 Quest Pkwy, Cedar Park, TX 78613

2. By Telephone: 512-260-4300. You must be able to provide certain personal identifiers if you want to make your appearance by telephone.

3. In Person: 911 Quest Pkwy, Cedar Park, TX 78613. Photo identification required.
**For the safety of our citizens and employees, if you are experiencing any upper respiratory symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat), please contact us before entering the building.**

How should payment be made for my citation?
Payment in most cases can be made online at www.cedarparktexas.gov/municipalcourtby calling 512-260-4300, in person, or by mailing a money order or cashier's check. The Court accepts Visa or MasterCard. No personal checks are accepted. NO CASH PAYMENTS ARE CURRENTLY BEING ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME.

How do I request a payment plan?

If you enter a no contest or guilty plea, and would like to request additional time to pay your citation in full, you may request a a monthly payment plan, in most cases. If you choose to request a payment plan, you must complete the Affidavit of Ability to Pay in full, and submit it with your plea and request. Any request for action on a case must be made in writing or in person, and must include a signature and photo identification. The request can be submitted by phone at 512-260-4300, by fax at 512-259-9796, by email at municipal.court@cedarparktexas.gov, or in person at the Cedar Park Municipal Court.

**Please note that if any balance remains on the 31st day after judgment enters, a $25.00 time payment fee (on each offense committed prior to January 1, 2020) or a $15 time payment reimbursement fee (on each offense committed January 1, 2020 or later), will be assessed. 

Click here for the Affidavit of Ability to Pay, which is also located with the other court documents found on this website. This is a lengthy affidavit, so it may benefit you to complete it prior to your appearance date. Please contact the court with any questions.

Where is my ticket filed?

The Cedar Park Municipal Court generally processes cases originating with the Cedar Park Police Department. If your citation was issued in Cedar Park by the Williamson County Sheriff's Department or the DPS, it is likely not filed in this court. You may need to call the Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2, at 512-260-4210.

Eligibility for Driving Safety Course (DSC)

You may be eligible for a Driver's Safety Course if you were cited for a traffic offense (with some exceptions; please contact the Court for more information) if you have not taken the course in the previous 12 months to have a citation dismissed. You must enter a plea of No Contest or Guilty, request to take the Driver's Safety Course, and sign an Affidavit attesting that you have not completed a Driver's Safety Course in the past 12 months. Additionally you must furnish the Court with: 1. A copy of your Texas Driver's License or proof of active military duty, 2. A copy of proof of insurance showing your name as an insured driver, and 3. Payment of the court costs, plus a $10 administrative fee. Payment may be made in person or by mail in the form of money order, cashier's check, or Visa or MasterCard. Payment for DSC may not be made online. Once the Court has approved your request, you will be given 90 days to complete an approved course and provide proof with the Certificate of Completion and a copy of your driving record obtained by the Department of Public Safety: 

You must order your driving record by mail or online at the address below. Please contact the DPS for more information.
Texas Department of Public Safety
Driver Records Bureau
P.O. Box 149246
Austin, TX 78714
Phone: 512-424-2032

2. Obtain your driving record as early as possible! In many cases, the Texas DPS will allow you to print your driving record (Type 3 or 3A) directly from their website, however there are a variety of reasons that could prevent you from doing so. If you are unable to directly print your driving record, you may be required to mail in your request, which could take approximately 14 days.

3. It can take up to 7-10 days to receive your driver's safety certificate in the mail, even if you take the course online. The Court can only accept the signed "court copy" of the driver's safety certificate. A receipt or screen-print from the internet will not be accepted.


To have a ticket dismissed for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility (No Insurance), you must provide proof that the vehicle involved was insured at the date and time the citation was issued. If the effective date is the same as the citation date, verification will be required from the insurance company as to the time the policy was purchased. To have a ticket dismissed for Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility (No Insurance) for a vehicle that is owned by someone other than the defendant, proof of insurance of the vehicle in question is required.


Anyone with a complaint regarding treatment (not relating to the Judge's finding or appeal of the case) by court staff may submit their complaint to April Christiansen, Court Administrator, at 512-260-4324, or at april.christiansen@cedarparktexas.gov

Court Hearings/Trials

The Cedar Park Municipal Court conducts certain hearings in-person, and certain hearings by remote proceeding, using the Zoom platform. These hearing types may include initial appearances, pretrial conferences (required prior to a bench or jury trial), show cause hearings, compliance hearings, and juvenile dockets. A remote appearance is not optional and neglecting to appear will have the same consequence as failing to appear for an in-person proceeding. Alternatively, other options for handling your case prior to your court date, are listed in the "Appearances and Defendant Requests" section above. 

In-person hearings will abide by capacity limitations as set forth by the Office of Court Administration, the City of Cedar Park Judiciary's COVID Operating Plan, and other guiding authorities. Social distancing guidelines and safe sanitation practices will be enforced.

Court sessions (in-person or remote) are open to the public and may be viewed on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCedIs_vXWwdysr_ldlE5cKg/?guided_help_flow=5&disable_polymer=true

Appeal and Motion for New Trial
All appeals and motions for new trial shall be in conformity with the requirements set forth by the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure as it is interpreted by the appellate courts. The Cedar Park Municipal Court is not a court of record; therefore, all appeals are conducted in the Williamson County Courts at Law. These trials are trials "de novo" which means that the entire case is re-tried as if the trial in Municipal Court never occurred. In order to preserve the right to appeal, a proper and timely appeal bond must be filed with the Municipal Court.

Proper Attire and Conduct in Court
Unacceptable attire includes, but is not limited to:
  1. Shorts and cut-offs
  2. Muscle shirts, clothing with offensive, vulgar, racist, sexist, obscene, or suggestive words, slogans, depictions, or pictures, including grotesque creatures
  3. Clothing that is dirty, torn, or ragged
  4. Clothing that is too tight or too short
  5. Hats
  6. Remote Hearings: Please ensure your background is appropriate and you are in a quiet space.

Pro se parties (individuals representing themselves without an attorney) should be prepared to present their cases in a proper manner. The Court can not represent you, instruct you on legal procedure, evidence, or rules, or how to present and prove your case. Please make sure that you are at the Court on the date and time your hearing is scheduled.

  1. Do not argue with the Court.
  2. Address the court as "Judge" or "Your Honor".
  3. Address opposing parties, counsel, witnesses, and court officers as "Mr.", "Mrs.", "Miss", "Officer", etc.
  4. Do not read newspapers, magazines, books, etc. in the courtroom during proceedings.
  5. Do not talk at the same time as the court, opposing counsels, or witnesses.
  6. Racist, sexist, obscene, or profane language or gestures are prohibited unless it is pertinent to a case and is elicited and quoting from facts in the case.
  7. Do not enter and depart the courtroom excessively.
  8. Do nothing to disturb or distract the court, counsel, witnesses, or other court personnel. Young children are not allowed in the courtroom. When entrance is permitted, children must not create a disturbance or be kept out of the courtroom.
  9. Do not approach the Judge’s bench without permission. Do not rest arms or hands on the bench.
  10. Rise when the Judge enters and remain standing until the Judge or bailiff announces "Be seated" or until the Judge is seated. Rise when the Judge exits the courtroom.
  11. No food or drinks are allowed in the courtroom.