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Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the Fire Department

How can I set up a tour?
To request a tour, complete the form here and submit it via e-mail at fire.department@cedarparktexas.gov or fax at 512-260-2464. Please note that even with a tour scheduled, personnel may be out of the station to respond to an emergency incident.

May I request a smoke detector installation?
Yes, the fire department installs smoke detectors as a public service in the interest of encouraging safety and helping to prevent loss of life in fires.  Please schedule an appointment via e-mail fire.department@cedarparktexas.gov or phone 512-401-5220.

May I have a birthday party at a fire station?
No, parties may not be held at the station. You may schedule a tour during the party by following the instructions above, but we do not allow decorations or food to be brought into the station.

Can a fire truck be requested for grand openings?
No, Cedar Park Fire Department does not promote private businesses.

How can I reach the Fire Prevention Division?
The Fire Prevention Division may be reached at 512-401-5200. The Fire Prevention Division can answer questions concerning the fire code, plan reviews, scheduling inspections, and general fire safety issues.

Is it allowed to burn a pile of brush?
There is no open burning allowed in the City, except for areas zoned rural/agriculture. The areas zoned rural/agricultural and areas in the City’s extra-territorial jurisdiction must apply for a burn permit and can call 512-401-5200 to get information on the permit requirements.

What is Cedar Park’s ISO Rating?
Currently the City of Cedar Park is listed as an ISO Class 1 inside of the city limits of Cedar Park and an ISO Class 3 outside of the city limits of Cedar Park. Click here for the ISO Class 1 document to submit to your insurance carrier.

Where can I go to dispose of used oil or other hazardous household wastes?
Motor oil can be disposed of at most parts stores and lube businesses, which may charge a fee for this service. Williamson County Recycling Center can also dispose motor oil or other hazardous household wastes. For further information contact 512-864-3240 or visit their website.

How do I dispose of a fire extinguisher?
You would first discharge all the pressure of the fire extinguisher by turning it upside down and pulling the trigger outside in an open area -- away from children, pets, and cars. This would discharge the pressure in the fire extinguisher without discharging the chemicals.  Once discharged of the pressure, you can dispose the fire extinguisher in your normal household trash.

Where can infant car seats be installed?
Contact the Safe Riders for their closest location. Sponsored by the Texas Department of State Health Services in cooperation with the Texas Department of Transportation, Safe Riders is a Texas-wide child passenger safety program dedicated to preventing deaths and reducing injuries to children due to motor vehicle crashes.  

More information can be found on their website.

Are fireworks illegal in Cedar Park?
Fireworks are illegal in Cedar Park. It is illegal to possess or use fireworks in The City of Cedar Park, or within 5,000 feet of the City limits. Fines associated with owning, using and/or disposing of fireworks in Cedar Park can be up to $2,000 plus court costs. 

Does Cedar Park have a Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program?
Yes.  The Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program aims to prevent repeat fire setting incidents by evaluating future risks, providing fire safety education, and helping meet future needs for juveniles and their families.  Click here for the referral form.