Preventative Maintenance Project

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Construction truck pouring reclamite 

Pavement Restoration, Inc. has been contracted by the City of Cedar Park to apply an asphalt rejuvenating agent to streets in your area.  Extra clarification, provided by the contractor, regarding the product and processes is listed below:

  • The product is designed to restore/rejuvenate roads that are dry, brittle, starting to break up, exhibiting cracks, loss of aggregate, etc.  The process stops further degradation and extends the life and condition of the streets up to four years. 
  • This is preventative maintenance, not a new road project, patch or pothole repair. 
  • A three-stage process will be followed when applying the product:
    • Apply an oil-based emulsion by distributor truck which penetrates the asphalt in 30-40 minutes
    • Apply a layer of washed concrete sand on top of the emulsion
    • Excess sand will be swept up the very next day with a street sweeper
  • The purpose of the sand is to minimize any tracking of product onto stone or concrete driveways - our product will not penetrate concrete or stone so any tracking will burn off/oxidize within two to three weeks through natural weathering.  If possible, do not drive over treated areas until sanded.
  • Additionally, the sand limits the product from vehicle contact during the application stage.  Vehicles should adhere to the flagger's instructions and the posted speed limit of 15 mph. 
  • Please keep children and pets off of treated surfaces to avoid tracking into houses.  Any spots on vehicles will clean off easily with gasoline, citrus-based cleaners or car care products - should posted speed limits not be followed.
  • The product is EPA approved, environmentally friendly and is not harmful to pets, wildlife, plants or gardens.
  • Only one half of a street will be applied at a time so residents will always have access and minimal disruption to their street, usually completing both sides of the street in 40-70 minutes. 
  • The application stage is visually messy in appearance (nature of road maintenance).  However, once the roads are swept the road condition will be much cleaner and within a few weeks the process will be virtually undetectable.  The road will revert back to its natural coloring. 
  • This is a highly cost-effective preventative maintenance technique used to maintain roadway condition and safety.
  • Residents will receive "door drop" notification usually the day before application unless weather changes production plans.  Please remove parked cars off of the street during the day of product application and the following day of street sweeping. 

More detailed information may also be found at  Additional information about the project may be obtained from Pavement Restorations Operations Manager Cody Blevins at 806-224-4326 or the City of Cedar Park Engineering Department at 512-401-5000.