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show your swagThe City of Cedar Park Code Compliance Division is here to help our community learn about City Ordinances.  So while you are spring cleaning, keep in mind these ideas for the safety and well-being of your property and your family...

Here are some of the most frequent issues reported in Cedar Park:

Posting Signs

Bandit Signs 

Did you know?

Placing garage sale signs is prohibited in the median of roadways, on poles and street signs.  Click here for sign placement regulations. There are also regulations regarding temporary signs in neighborhoods. To find out more about temporary signs click here.  

Junked/Abandoned Vehicles

Junk or Abandoned Vehicles

Did you know?

A "junk" vehicle has an expired registration or missing license plate and is wrecked, dismantled or inopperable.  The vehicle has not moved for 72 hours on public property or 30 days on private property.  Find out more here.

Toxic Materials

Toxic Materials
Did you know?

Toxic materials can break down into the ground, causing concerns for the environment and health of residents.  These materials can also pose a fire risk.  Take these to the Annual Household Waste Clean Up.

Tall Weeds and Grass


Did you know?

Tall weeds and can harbor
dangerous animals, such as snakes, and can be unattractive to others.  Weeds over 48" can be an immediate safety concern for residents.  Read more about these issues here.

Household Trash, Brush Piles or Used Building Materials

 Trash Accumulation

Did you know? 

Trash or other items piled up in your yard can attract animals, insects and can break down into the earth.  It can also cause the beauty of your neighborhood to decline.   Have these items picked up on your trash day.

Property Maintenance


Did you know? 

 The City of Cedar Park has certain regulations for property maintenance. If you would like a Code Compliance officer to come speak to your group let us know. If you want to read more about codes in the City, click here.

  •  Stagnant water which may be detrimental to the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens is of primary concern for the City of Cedar Park.  Please watch the video below to learn how you can keep your yard and area free from mosquitoes.  Spread the word!  Show YOUR Cedar Park Swag!