Proposition A: Stormwater Drainage

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On May 5th, Cedar Park residents will be asked to vote on Proposition A, which, if passed, will redirect one-fourth of the revenue (or 1/8 of one cent) from the Type A Sales Tax Fund to the General Fund to provide revenue for stormwater drainage and related street project.  You may visit or click on the document below for more detailed information.

Proposition A Ballot Language

“Shall The City Of Cedar Park Be Authorized To “Redirect 0.125% (1/8 Of One Cent) From The Existing And Previously Approved Type A Economic Development Sales Tax Fund, Including For An Entertainment Facility/Complex And Related Infrastructure Project, To The City Of Cedar Park Municipal General Fund For Storm Water Drainage And Street Facility Improvements, Operation, And Maintenance, As Follows: The Adoption Of A Local Sales And Use Tax In The City Of Cedar Park At The Rate Of 1.125% And The Adoption Of A Type A Sales And Use Tax For The Promotion And Development Of New And Expanded Business Enterprises At The Rate Of 0.375% As Authorized By The Development Corporation Act, Texas Local Government Code, Chapters 501-505."?"

Stormwater Drainage: Background and Information

Proposition A - Stormwater Drainage Program