Code of Ordinances

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Please note: the following ordinances have been adopted by the City of Cedar Park City Council. Due to publication delays, the following ordinances have not yet been incorporated into the text of the Code of Ordinances.

 CO34.18.07.12.E1  July 12, 2018  Chapter 12: amend Parkland Dedication and improvements
 CO35.18.08.09.E1 August 9, 2018  Chapter 1: Council Meetings
 CO36.18.08.09.E2  August 9, 2018  Chapter 12 and 14: amend Platting and Site Development Regs.
 CO46.18.09.13.E1  September 13, 2018  Chapter 9: amend Fire Dept. Strength of Force
 CO47.18.09.13.E2  September 13, 2018  Chapter 1:  Culpable Mental States
 CO53.18.09.27.E3  September 27, 2018  Chapter 7: amend Revolving Door Policy
 CO02.18.10.04.E2  October 4, 2018  Chapter 9: amend Police Strength of Force
 CO03.18.10.04.E3  October 4, 2018  Chapter 9: amend Fire Strength of Force


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Code of Ordinances