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MSB Consulting Group to bring new headquarters to Cedar Park

Post Date:11/08/2019 3:36 pm

City helps relocate school district consulting firm to Cedar Park
MSB Consulting Group to bring 269 jobs, $2.4M in capital expenditures

The Cedar Park City Council unanimously approved an incentive package to help bring MSB Consulting Group’s new headquarters to Cedar Park, at the Regular Scheduled City Council Meeting on Thursday, October 24, 2019. Under the agreement that was approved by the City’s Economic Development Board (Type 4A) prior to going before City Council, MSB will invest up to $2.4 million in capital expenditures on the rehabilitation of a 45,000 square foot facility located at Cedar Park Tech Center on 183A. The incentive agreement stipulates that MSB will employ 269 employees by June of 2024. The incentive provides $1,250 per job – a total of $336,250.

Ben White, Director of Economic Development for the City of Cedar Park said, “The payback period for this project is 5.5 years, so just right in line with our projects that we’ve been bringing forward in the past. This is a great win for our community. It’s a community asset to have a company like MSB in our community.”

MSB Consulting group works with school districts to help them capitalize on a Federal program called Medicaid for Schools. The program was designed to help bring services into schools to allow special needs students to participate without falling behind in their education. MSB also partners with schools to offer leadership and special education consulting opportunities.

Kyle Watson, MSB Managing Partner, said, “We get to meet a lot of incredible people along the way, and our growth is a big part of that. The people who work in our office are incredible people so we want to continue to find ways to leverage their talents, their networks. We have people who are basically recruiting family members to come work with us and we want to continue to find ways to employ more and more people. So that’s why we’re looking at Cedar Park, currently out of Austin, just to be able to expand, to be able to get more for our dollars, and again, it all goes back to creating more jobs.”

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