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Fight the Bite!

Please drain standing water from recent rainfall

Post Date:06/17/2019 4:42 pm

Mosquito illustration on red background

Don't let recent rainfall breed mosquitoes! Drain standing water and follow these tips:

Mosquitoes breed in standing or stagnant water. Eliminating places where mosquitoes can breed and reducing the chances of mosquito bites are the most effective lines of defense against exposure to West Nile Virus. 

As part of its Fight the Bite campaign the Health District recommends the 3 Ds of mosquito safety:

• Defend by using an EPA-approved insect repellent,
• Drain standing water in flower pots, pet dishes or clogged gutters so mosquitoes don’t have a place to breed and treat water that can’t be drained, and
• Dress in long sleeves and pants when outdoors.

The City’s Parks and Recreation Department uses bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) larvicide tablets on public property (such as parks) to treat any standing water that cannot be drained. Bt is a naturally-occurring bacteria that is harmless to people and most pets but it interrupts the reproduction cycle of mosquitoes. You can find Bt for home use at most “big box” hardware retailers.

In addition, the City’s Code Enforcement Division is focusing its efforts on mosquito abatement throughout the community. If you are aware of a location of stagnant water on public or private property, please report it to the City’s Code Enforcement Division via, the CPConnect 2.0 app on your mobile device or e-mail at

Illustration of house with standing water

For more information on mosquito safety, please visit the Williamson County and Cities Health District’s website at  

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