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Make sure you “Got it in Cedar Park” this holiday shopping season

Two cents of every dollar you spend in Cedar Park stays in Cedar Park; City encourages everyone to know where the shopping boundaries lie.

Post Date:11/16/2018

Three ball ornaments that say Got it in Cedar Park 

The City of Cedar Park is encouraging its residents to make sure you “Got it in Cedar Park” this holiday shopping season.  In addition to the obvious benefits to the local retail and dining economy, shopping and dining local helps keep the City property tax rate low and the quality of life in Cedar Park high.  

Two cents of every dollar spent in Cedar Park stay in Cedar Park.  One cent goes into the City’s General Fund and helps the City fund departments such as Police, Fire, Library and Parks and Recreation.  Half a cent goes into the City’s Community Development fund for projects such as additional right turn lanes, parks and trail improvements, destination project planning and parks master planning - just to name a few.  Three-eighths of a cent goes into the City’s Economic Development fund to help the City retain and recruit new employers to Cedar Park.  In May, Cedar Park voters chose to redirect one eighth of a cent of sales tax to the City’s new Storm Water Drainage Program.  Storm water drainage is an issue that impacts everyone in old and new parts of town, and this new program helps the City to both take care of aging infrastructure and facilities as well as maintain newer ones.   

The City of Cedar Park’s Director of Economic Development, Ben White, says, “Local shopping and dining are very important in helping us position Cedar Park as the next major employment hub in Cedar Park.  The more amenities we continue to add, the more attractive we are to this growing demographic we have of young, highly skilled and highly educated residents.  Businesses and major corporations will follow them here.  Plus, local shopping and dining injected nearly $29 million of tax dollars into to the City’s budget last fiscal year, helping us keep the property tax rate low and the quality of life high for our residents, as well as recruit employers to and retain existing businesses in Cedar Park.”   

In order for in-person shopping to local benefit Cedar Park residents in these ways, residents must shop within the City limits of Cedar Park.  This can be confusing because there are some areas, especially in south Cedar Park, that have a Cedar Park mailing address but are actually located inside of a neighboring city that is not Cedar Park.  To help residents see exactly where the Cedar Park shopping boundaries lie, the City has created a Shop Locally map which may be found along with a lot of other information on


Cedar Park residents can also support our community by shopping online.  If the retailer has a presence in Texas, the retailer will remit tax dollars to the City where your mailing address is located.  For example, when you place an online order with most big box stores you see here in Texas, or even Amazon, which has fulfillment centers in Texas, then have it delivered to your home within the Cedar Park City limits, two cents of the sales tax is remitted to Cedar Park. 


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