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Water Restriction Variance Request Form

  1. The City of Cedar Park may grant temporary variances for existing water uses if it is determined that failure to grant such a variance would cause an emergency condition adversely affecting the health, sanitation or fire protection for the public. Article 18.08.

    Please note that all variances are determined on a case-by-case basis. Watering times are before 10 am and after 7 pm.

    All variance requests have a 2-business day processing period prior to the start of any approved request.

    Questions? Please contact the Water Hotline at 512-401-5308.

  2. Will the Water Being Used for This Purpose Be Recycled, Reused or Reclaimed Water?
  3. Period of Time for Which the Variance Is Sought (Include Specific Beginning & End Dates)

    Landscaping/New Sod: 21-consecutive days variance maximum.

    Note: Please count the first day of your variance request as Day Number 1 when determining the length of your variance. For example, July 1 through July 21 is 21-consecutive days.

    We do not permit backdating of variance requests to negate a prior violation.

  4. Other: Please Specify Reason & Specific Dates
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