When should I appear or submit defendant requests?

In most, but not all cases, you may make your initial appearance (date typically listed on citation), or submit a request for action in your case in any of the ways listed below. Please note that you may be required to appear in court (either in person, or by remote hearing) at a later date.

  1. In Writing: Written initial appearances may be made by email, fax, or by postal mail, and must include a copy of your photo identification, phone number, and mailing address, and must be signed by the defendant (manually or by typing your full name at the end of your request)
    • Email the Municipal Court (please note if you correspond with the Court via email, all future correspondence and official notices from the Court will be delivered to you at the email address provided)
    • Fax: 512-259-9796
    • Postal Mail:
      Cedar Park Municipal Court
      911 Quest Parkway
      Cedar Park, TX 78613
  2. By Telephone: 512-260-4300; you must be able to provide certain personal identifiers if you want to make your appearance by telephone
  3. In Person: (photo identification required)
    911 Quest Parkway
    Cedar Park, TX 78613

For the safety of our citizens and employees, if you are experiencing any upper respiratory symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat), please contact us before entering the building.

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1. When should I appear or submit defendant requests?
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