How much does it cost?

City of Cedar Park residents will be billed at $0.86* per month for the new Household Hazardous Porch Pickup service. You will see this as a new line item on your bill.

*The City of Cedar Park is subsidizing a portion of the cost of this service with the funding that had been directed to the past annual one-day Household Hazardous Waste Collection event.

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1. Why did Cedar Park add this program?
2. How much does it cost?
3. How do I sign up?
4. Do I have to schedule a pick up for my house?
5. Can I use the HHW Solutions pick up service for my business?
6. Is there a limit of items that can be set out for one pickup?
7. Are there items HHW Solutions cannot accept?
8. Do I have to label my HHW items?
9. Can I mix my items to save room in my containers?
10. When is pickup day?
11. I won’t use it, do I have to pay?
12. Who is eligible?
13. When is cut-off time for scheduling?
14. Where do I place my HHW?
15. When is the next HHW event?
16. How do I know if I’m registered or not?