Why are Cedar Park's restrictions different from other cities?

The BCRUA is a partnership.  Each member city has a different response based on their water system.  The BCRUA is Cedar Park's secondary water treatment plant and typically supplies about 20% of Cedar Park’s water. 

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1. What is happening? What are Cedar Park's restrictions?
2. In addition to the prohibition on outdoor irrigation / sprinkler use, are any other activities restricted at this time?
3. Is the change due to the drought or residential / commercial growth?
4. How will I know when I can resume normal water use?
5. Have HOAs and HOA property managers been notified of these restrictions?
6. Is the City turning off its irrigation and not using hose-end sprinklers for watering?
7. Does The City Of Cedar Park Water Treatment Plant Have Enough Capacity To Meet Demand?
8. Why is it taking so long to repair the line?
9. What is Cedar Park's water source? Where does Cedar Park get its water?
10. How is this being enforced? What are the penalties?
11. How do I report an outdoor water usage violation?
12. Why are Cedar Park's restrictions different from other cities?
13. I live in another member city of the BCRUA. Does this information apply to me?