How do Code Compliance Officers work to enforce city ordinances?
  • When a complaint is investigated and found to be valid, they first attempt to make personal contact with the property owner.
  • If no one is home, they will leave a door hanger notifying the owner/occupant of the violation, giving a time frame in which to remediate the problem and making themselves available for questions.
  • In the case of vacant property, a phone call is attempted before a letter notifying the property owner of the violation.
  • After the initial period indicated on the door hanger, the officers will re-inspect the property. If the problem has not been rectified but some effort has been made to improve the situation, the officers will extend the time.
  • If no efforts have been made, they will then send formal notices of violation to the property owners. If no efforts to fix the problem are subsequently made, the officers can file charges in municipal court and in some instances can use City funds to abate the problem.

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