How does the City of Cedar Park determine where new roads go?

The City of Cedar Park in combination with private consultants has determined the needs and operational deficiencies of the roadway network. The resulting product is a transportation roadway network model and it is a useful tool by which new roads and roadway improvements can be planned and located. Where the roadway network does not provide adequate accessibility and/or capacity, the City of Cedar Park, in cooperation with land owners, private developers and outside agencies (TxDOT, Williamson County, etc.) can opt to construct or improve new roadways to meet the travel needs of the community. Often the location and connections to new roadways are in response to existing (or proposed) land uses. The City of Cedar Park adopted two roadway plans in April of 2002, one for collector streets and another for arterial streets. Both plans, as well as more information about roadway classifications and other transportation issues, can be found in the City of Cedar Park Transportation Master Plan (TMP). A digital copy of the TMP is available on the Traffic and Transportation page. Hard copies are available for use at City Hall and the City Library.

For more information please contact the Engineering and Transportation Department at 512-401-5000.

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15. How does the City of Cedar Park determine where new roads go?