My house is in a floodplain - what do I need to know?

Insurance: You should seriously consider purchasing flood insurance. Your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy does not cover flooding. To purchase flood insurance, contact your regular homeowners' insurance agent.

Preparation: Your family is at risk for flooding, which can happen quickly and without warning. Prepare a family disaster plan in advance for your best protection. The American Red Cross has excellent publications in English and Spanish to help you with this process. Your planning should include:

  • Designating meeting places
  • Learning the warning signals
  • Educating your children
  • Assembling an emergency food, water, and supply kit
  • Learning how to turn off utilities
  • Arranging animal care
  • Planning how to help family members and neighbors with special needs

Restrictions: In some floodplain areas, development permits may be denied. The City of Cedar Park requires building permits for remodeling, improving, expanding, or rebuilding your home, buildings, parking areas, etc. If your property is in a floodplain, you will have to make all projects compliant with stricter rules for floodplain construction.

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