Am I eligible for the NFIP Grandfather Rule?

The Grandfather rule may save money on flood insurance rates for qualifying property owners. If a new flood map shows a high-risk property is at greater risk for flooding than shown on the previous map, the flood insurance rate will likely change. The NFIP grandfather rule may save money by locking in the previous flood zone or the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) for insurance rating purposes after the new map becomes effective.

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1. Why are floodplain maps being updated?
2. How often are these maps updated?
3. Who initiated the update?
4. Where is this happening?
5. What is the general impact of new floodplains? Are more properties going to be in the floodplain?
6. Who should I talk to if I have questions?
7. What is the plan for educating the public about this?
8. Why and how do I obtain flood insurance in newly-mapped areas?
9. Am I eligible for the NFIP Grandfather Rule?