Who should I talk to if I have questions?

Property owners or other persons who wish to follow the progress of the PMR should consult their community's Floodplain Administrator. This is the local official who keeps all of the community's flood hazard maps and FIS report, and who corresponds with FEMA at various stages of the revision process.

For properties located in the City of Cedar Park, please contact the Engineering Department via email.

The status of ongoing map revisions can also be checked on the FEMA website, or by calling the FEMA Map Information Exchange toll free at 877-336-2627 (877-FEMA MAP).

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1. Why are floodplain maps being updated?
2. How often are these maps updated?
3. Who initiated the update?
4. Where is this happening?
5. What is the general impact of new floodplains? Are more properties going to be in the floodplain?
6. Who should I talk to if I have questions?
7. What is the plan for educating the public about this?
8. Why and how do I obtain flood insurance in newly-mapped areas?
9. Am I eligible for the NFIP Grandfather Rule?