Can you move the trail closer to the creek (further from the homes)?

Some areas of the trail route offer more flexibility than others regarding trail placement. We are able (and in many places do) build trails in the floodplain. Much of this trail is anticipated to be built in the floodplain, however we cannot build a trail in the floodway. The floodway is the channel of a river or stream and the adjacent land where floodwaters will be deepest and move the fastest. It must remain free from development so that a 100-year flood can be conveyed.

In some areas (such as near Walsh Glen Drive) there is very limited space between the floodway and the existing properties, which provides us with little-to-no flexibility on trail placement. Additionally, ownership and easement locations as well as topography must be taken into account when considering trail alignment.

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1. What is the Brushy Creek North Fork Trail?
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5. Can you move the trail closer to the creek (further from the homes)?
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