What is the Brushy Creek North Fork Trail?

It's a new eight-to-ten-feet-wide concrete shared-use trail along the North Fork of Brushy Creek that will extend for approximately three miles. The planned trail will start near the intersection of west Parmer Lane (Farm to Market Road (FM) 734) and east Whitestone Boulevard (Ranch to Market Road (RM) 1431) and proceed south along Brushy Creek, to connect with the regional trail system near Brushy Creek Road.

View an Interactive Map to see the planned trail route.

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1. What is the Brushy Creek North Fork Trail?
2. How did the Brushy Creek North Fork Trail concept originate?
3. What's the current status of the project?
4. When do you anticipate construction to begin, and how long will it take?
5. Can you move the trail closer to the creek (further from the homes)?
6. How can I stay up-to-date on the status of this project?