Why did we get digital water meters?

The digital water meters are designed to help customers understand their usage and save money on their water bills.

Many customers experience higher water bills during the summer months and after a drought when people tend to water their lawns more. After the 2015 drought, many of our customers expressed a need to get more detail about how they were using their water on a daily basis. This included a desire to see frequent updates, get alerts and detect leaks in order to better manage costs.

In response, in 2016 the City Council directed Cedar Park to embark on a thorough vetting process to find the ideal technology to empower customers to learn more about their water use. The digital water meters from Sensus were identified as the most cost-effective and reliable technology.

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1. What are digital water meters?
2. Why did we get digital water meters?
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4. How does the technology work?
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6. What type of alerts can I set up?
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8. What do I do if I think my meter reading is incorrect?
9. How secure is my data and information?
10. Are the new digital water meters safe for me and my family?