What are digital water meters?

Digital Water MeterCedar Park's digital water meters have been installed to replace the City's old meters. Also known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), the digital water meters provide customers with accurate near real-time data on their individual water usage. This technology will help customers gain deeper insight and understanding on how and when they use water.

All Cedar Park water customers can access the data unique to their household or business by creating an account at the You're Running the Show website.

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1. What are digital water meters?
2. Why did we get digital water meters?
3. How do the new digital water meters benefit me?
4. How does the technology work?
5. How can I access the data on my water usage?
6. What type of alerts can I set up?
7. How much will the digital water meters cost me?
8. What do I do if I think my meter reading is incorrect?
9. How secure is my data and information?
10. Are the new digital water meters safe for me and my family?