Am I eligible for a “Senior Tax Freeze?”

Under the City's tax rate, residents over the age of 65 may be eligible for a "Seniors Tax Freeze." Under this, the levy is frozen at age 65 and older. In other words, the dollar amount a homeowner over the age of 65 pays towards their local property tax will remain steady regardless of tax rate or home valuation changes. In order for a homeowner to be eligible for this in Travis County (therefore served by Travis County Appraisal District (TCAD)), they must be over 65 and submit paperwork to TCAD requesting the freeze. This would go into effect the tax year after paperwork is filed and it is approved. For example, if I was approved for the freeze today, I would pay the bill that will be sent this year as it is and then in future years, my payment will match this year's payment.

The payments may change if the levy would decrease and it would reset to the lowered amount or could increase if improvements are added and the improvements would require a year to freeze amounts.

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