What is this all about?

This is a full purpose voluntary annexation of the Twin Creeks Water Control and Improvement Districts 1F and 1G, and Bella Vista Municipal Utility District ("Districts") by the City of Cedar Park.

In 2011, Emergency Services District Number 14 (ESD Number 14) cancelled their fire service contract with the City of Cedar Park. Following that, residents of Twin Creeks and Bella Vista approached the City of Cedar Park about providing Cedar Park Fire Department fire and first responder services. The City of Cedar Park worked with the Districts to develop a means for annexation that provides residents with the services they want.

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1. What is this all about?
2. What is the Utility Debt Service Fee on my monthly water bill?
3. How does this annexation impact my local property taxes?
4. Why does each District pay a different monthly fee?
5. What governmental entities will I be part of?
6. Am I eligible for a “Senior Tax Freeze?”