What do I need to know about trials/court hearings?

The Cedar Park Municipal Court conducts certain hearings in-person, and certain hearings by remote proceeding, using the Zoom platform. These hearing types may include initial appearances, pretrial conferences (required prior to a bench or jury trial), show cause hearings, compliance hearings, and juvenile dockets. A remote appearance is not optional and neglecting to appear will have the same consequence as failing to appear for an in-person proceeding. Alternatively, other options for handling your case prior to your court date are listed in the Appearances and Defendant Requests FAQ.

In-person hearings will abide by capacity limitations as set forth by the Office of Court Administration, the City of Cedar Park Judiciary's COVID Operating Plan, and other guiding authorities. Social distancing guidelines and safe sanitation practices will be enforced.

Court sessions (in-person or remote) are open to the public and may be viewed on the Municipal Court YouTube Channel.

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