Public Works


2401 Brushy Creek Loop
Cedar Park, TX 78613


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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Armstrong, James Stormwater Foreman 512-401-5566  
Biggs, Brodie Utility Programs Technician 512-401-5573 512-258-1543 (Fax)
Boman, Dwight Facility Maintenance Technician    
Brosig, Matt Utilities Superintendent - Wastewater 512-401-5576  
Cochran, Matthew Wastewater Collection Foreman 512-401-5598  
Connor, Jeremy Signal Department Foreman 512-401-5559  
Dawkins, P.E., Thomas J. Senior Utility Engineer 512-401-5586  
Ellner, Mark Utilities Superintendent 512-401-5567  
Franco, David Meter Foreman 512-401-5568  
Garfield, Teresa Office Manager 512-401-5552  
Gil, Zeke Water Treatment Plant Superintendent (737)-900-8126  
Hanuscin, P.E., Stephen Assistant Director of Public Works, Field Operations 512-401-5565  
Hembrick, Mendy Office Manager 512-401-5168  
Holguin, Eva Administrative Technician 512-401-5556  
Huber, P.E., Michael A. Engineering Services Manager - Utilities 512-401-5580  
Kiger, Ray Wastewater Collection Foreman 512-401-5597  
Kizer, Curtis Water Distribution Foreman 512-401-5596  
Lerash, Mike Superintendent of Field Operations 512-401-5563  
Long, Nick Field Operations Superintendent: Fleet and Facilities Maintenance 512-401-5564  
Matthews, Steven Utility Superintendent 512-401-5595  
McCartan, Nanette Utility Programs Manager 512-401-5314  
Nauert, Chris Water Reclamation Superintendent 512-401-5330  
Nielsen, Dennis Stormwater Coordinator 512-401-5359  
Rauschuber, P.E., Eric Director of Public Works and Utilities    
Thane, Adam Engineering Associate    
Wheeler, Kenneth Assistant Director of Utilities 512-401-5584  
Williams, Charles Streets Foreman 512-401-5562  

Industrial Pretreatment Program 

2401 Brushy Creek Loop
Cedar Park, TX 78613

Link: Industrial Pretreatment Program Page


Monday through Friday
8 am to 5 pm

Excluding weekends and holidays

After-Hours Emergencies

For after-hours emergencies, please call 512-260-4600, ext. 0, and Dispatch will assist.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Knebel, Jeff Industrial Pretreatment Program Manager 512-401-5592  

Signal Hotline 


Superintendent - Pump & Motor 


Superintendent - Water Utility