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Attorney General’s Office
Link: Attorney General’s Office
The Attorney General is responsible for ensuring that the Texas government is open and accessible to all citizens. Several divisions of the agency are involved in this effort. Information regarding open government laws can be located on this website.
Secretary of State’s Office
Link: Secretary of State’s Office
The Elections Division is responsible for administering the Texas Election Code, the "law of the land" for Texas voters, elections, voting systems, candidates, and political parties. The Elections Division also maintains more than 11 million voter registration records on behalf of the State.
Texas Ethics Commission
Link: Texas Ethics Commission
Statutory duties of the Texas Ethics Commission are set out in Chapter 571 of the Government Code. The agency is responsible for administering and enforcing these laws: 1) Title 15, Election Code, concerning political contributions and expenditures, and political advertising
Texas Legislature
Link: Texas Legislature
Information located on this website includes the Texas Statutes, Texas Constitution, and the Administrative Code. Information pertaining to the legislative process and the current legislature can also be located here.
1 - 4 of 4 Listings