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Commute Solutions
Link: Commute Solutions Website
Commute Solutions is a “one-stop” transportation resource in Central Texas promoting sustainable options that reduce traffic and improve mobility, from carpools, vanpools, transit, bicycling, teleworking, and walking. The program helps you learn about your regional mobility choices no matter where you live or what your needs are.
Drive a Senior Northwest - a Faith in Action Program
Phone: 512-250-5021
Link: Drive a Senior Northwest Website
This program provided personal transportation (medical appointments, personal business and shopping) to approved residents age 60 or older. Riders must be able to communicate their needs to volunteers and access a volunteer’s personal vehicle with minimal assistance. They also must be living independently in their home or apartment.

Note: Faith in Action is not equipped with handicapped-accessible vans.
Medicaid’s Medical Transportation Program
Phone: 877-633-8747
Link: TX Department of Health and Human Services Transportation Page
This program provides rides to medical or dental appointments for Medicaid clients who have no other means of transportation.
United for the People
Phone: 512-298-2532
Link: United for the People - Veteran Transport Service Page
The purpose of this program is to provide safe and timely transportation to and from the Veterans medical appointments. A driver will pick up the veteran from their home address and transport them to the nearest V.A. Clinic for their medical appointments. Once completed, the veteran will be transported back to their home address.
1 - 4 of 4 Listings