Citizens on Patrol

Citizens on Patrol Program

The Cedar Park Citizens on Patrol (COP) program works to improve safety in Cedar Park while also relieving officers in times of need by using specially trained volunteers for certain tasks.

Members of the COP program are alumni of the Citizens Police Academy (CPA) who undergo additional advanced training to learn how to direct traffic, patrol neighborhoods, maintain command vehicles and generally assist in serving the residents of Cedar Park.

Residents interested in participating in the Citizens on Patrol program must first complete the 14-week long Citizens Police Academy which is designed for adult citizens who either live in the City of Cedar Park or who own a business within the City.

Reminder: To Apply for the COP program, you must have graduated from the Cedar Park Citizen's Police Academy.

We invite you to contact us during regular business hours at any of the following:

Twitter: @CedarParkPD
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 512-260-4600
In Person: 911 Quest Parkway | Cedar Park, TX 78613

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Citizens On Patrol


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