Caution: Traffic Patterns Shifts Ahead

As part of it, they’ll be shifting traffic to one side of the following roads that intersect with the northbound side of Anderson Mill Road, one at a time, starting May 1 and each intersection will take about a week:  

  • Drifting Leaf
  • Grand Falls
  • Shady Creek*
  • Rhapsody*
  • Zeppelin (When school is out)

*Shady Creek and Rhapsody will have flaggers stationed there to help provide safe passage.  All other roads are wide enough to still allow for two-way traffic.  

In June, once all of the above roads along the northbound side of Anderson Mill Road are complete, workers will shift their attention to the roads that intersect with the southbound side of Anderson Mill Road:  

  • Zeppelin (When school is out)
  • Grand Falls
  • Passion Flower Pass
  • Quiet Moon
  • Cypress creek (When school is out)

For more information and updates on Anderson Mill Road Phase II and other City projects, visit our projects page.

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