Storm Cleanup

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UPDATED March 21, 2023

264,686 Cubic Yards


A special curbside collection of tree limbs for in-City residents only started Monday, February 13 and was completed Wednesday, March 15. Residents were required to place storm-related tree debris on their curb by Sunday, February 12. The City could not guarantee pickup if debris was not set out by that date. There was no additional fee assessed for City residents for this limb collection. If you were eligible for this service, you did not need to call in or register online to be placed on a cleanup list.

Guidelines that had to be met: 

  • Cut limbs to no longer than 10 feet – do not bundle
  • Stack debris loosely along the curb, sidewalk or street edge in one row
  • To prevent damage to your property, keep items five feet away from your trash and recycling carts, mailbox, fences or walls, water meter, telephone box and vehicles.

Residents were asked not to:

  • Block sidewalks or streets - streets had to remain navigable
  • Place limbs near storm drains, fire hydrants or sewer clean-outs
  • Place items under low-hanging trees or power lines
  • Mix in other debris. If limbs and brush are mixed with any other materials they will not be picked up. 
  • Park a vehicle within 5 feet of your debris

The City’s contractor used a very large truck with a mechanical claw.  It was not able to reach over vehicles or into private property, nor could crews enter private property. Unlike prior collections, the contractor did not debris on-site, for safety and efficiency. They moved through the City 7 days a week, 7 am to 5 pm, until they went through the entire city.  Once a street was finished, crews could not return.  

Neither City staff nor its contractor could go onto private property beyond the street edge to cut trees or limbs or move debris to the curb. Residents who still need help cutting or removing tree limbs can contact the Austin Disaster Relief Network or hire a private contractor.

  1. Regular bulk trash service

This is the best option for smaller debris that meets these guidelines:

  • Brush must be bundled
  • Each bundle less than 40 pounds
  • Each bundle no more than 4 feet long
  • Each bundle no more than 4 feet around
  • Each branch within each bundle no more than 4 inches in diameter
  •