Lime Creek Quarry

Lime Creek Quarry Overview

The Lime Creek Quarry comprises approximately 216 acres located in western Cedar Park along Anderson Mill Road, south of W Whitestone Boulevard. The City of Cedar Park acquired the property in 2015, at which time it entered into an agreement with Ranger Excavating, LP to continue operations of the quarry until June 2023. As quarry operations come to an end, the property is poised for future redevelopment. Read on for information regarding the Redevelopment Feasibility Study completed in 2020, the End of Mining (Reclamation) Plan completed in 2022 and an updated lease with Ranger effective July 2023.

Redevelopment Feasibility Study

Completed in 2020, this study assessed the opportunities for redevelopment of the site, analyzing existing site and market conditions, land use scenario planning, real estate market and fiscal impacts, and included next step recommendations regarding redevelopment of the quarry.

End of Mining plan

Completed in 2022, this plan was developed to guide site activity in a way that would create the greatest opportunity for redevelopment of the property. The plan includes rough grading plans and a roadway framework plan to ensure a smooth physical transformation of the active quarry to a site that is suitable for future redevelopment.

New Lease With Ranger Excavating

On December 8, 2022, City Council authorized execution of a new lease with Ranger Excavating to facilitate the redevelopment of the property. The new lease allows Ranger to perform reclamation services identified in the End of Mining Plan, while continuing the existing trucking operation on a portion of the property. The new lease becomes effective July 1, 2023 and is valid for a period of 10 years.