Mobile Food Vendor Permit

Who is Required to get a Mobile Food Establishment Permit?

  • Semi-stationary Mobile Food Establishment (MFE) that remains in a single location in excess of 15 minutes
  • Transient MFE that is not stationary in any single location for more than 15 minutes
  • Operational hours limited to between 30 minutes prior to sunrise and 30 minutes after sunset

Submit the Required Information

  • Apply online at
  • Copy of Mobile Food Establishment permit issued by Williamson County and Cities Health District, only applicable for vendors that are established, and have previously received their permit from Williamson County and Cities Health District
    • Williamson County will issue a permit to NEW vendors, once they have passed their inspection with the Fire Marshal’s office
  • Copy of Food Handler’s or Food Manager’s permit for each employee
  • Copy of Central Preparation Facility (CPF) Contract
  • Written consent of the property owner(s) where the MFE is to be located
  • Copy of sales tax permit
  • Photo of mobile unit
  • Location of fire extinguishers; list the type and size
  • Site plan to scale that includes:
    • Location of MFE on property
    • Layout of proposed parking & fire lanes
    • Type of utilities and point of connection (i.e. generator, water tank)
  • Layout of the interior of the trailer and label all appliances


  • $100.00 for 1st establishment
  • $75.00 additional
  • $35.00 Fire Department Permit
  • If there is more than one (1) location, no additional fees are due, but you must submit separate site plans for each location