Submit an Application or Permit

The Development Services Department processes several applications from land use entitlement, to subdivision and site development, to building and sign permits, to your Certificate of Occupancy.

Pre-Development Meeting Requests (optional)

Pre-Development Meetings are highly encouraged for large and/or multi-phased projects to provide both you and City staff the opportunity to discuss your project and provide guidance and feedback on the applicable standards and process.

Members from various Departments involved in the review of the development applications and permits are invited to go over general requirements including but not limited to land use, landscaping and tree preservation, storm-water management, transportation, utilities and fire.

Meetings are scheduled in one-hour increments every Wednesday morning.

Planning and Zoning Applications

Planning and Zoning applications and permits are usually the first set of approvals needed prior to initiating development as they cover the entitlement process and horizontal improvements of a site. 

These applications ensure that you have the proper designation, district, services, infrastructure and common site improvements prior to going vertical, and include applications such as annexation, zoning or rezoning, subdivision, and site development permit.

View Planning-related development applications and permits.

Building Permits

Building permits are required for any construction that adds a new building or structure on the property, or physically changes an existing building or structure. 

These permits ensure that all buildings and structures are built in compliance with the City Code and applicable building codes, including but not limited to building, electric, mechanical, plumbing, fire and energy conservation.

View a variety of different types of Building Permits.