Yard Trimmings Recycling


Fall Yard Trimmings Recycling

November 6-17, 2023

Yard Trimmings

Yard trimmings such as leaves and grass clippings must be placed in brown paper yard waste bags, separately from trash cans and extra items. Do not place yard waste in plastic bags - they will be put in the trash. Wet bags will not be picked up due to weight and risk of breakage.

View the Yard Trimmings Recycling FAQ (PDF).

Tree Trimmings

Tree and shrub trimmings must be no more than 4 feet in length and no more than 4 inches in diameter each, weigh no more than 40 pounds and be placed in bundles that are tied with rope or twine. During this yard trimmings recycling period, yard trimmings may be placed in addition to your bulk items limit of 7 items outside of your trash cart. 

View the Yard Trimmings Recycling FAQ (PDF).

40 pound bags
bundled limbs
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