New Lease With Ranger Excavating


Ranger Excavating will be performing reclamation services and providing security and maintenance

future development

Ranger Excavating will be preparing land for future development

limits ahead

Limits on trucks per day and hours of operation

City taking steps to prepare quarry land for future development

The City of Cedar Park is preparing the land at the Lime Creek Quarry on the western border of Cedar Park for future development. The Cedar Park City Council approved a lease agreement that will include land reclamation services at the quarry, such as land topography grading and placement of fill material. Though the City has no current specific plans for the quarry site, these reclamation efforts will prepare the land for future development. 

This lease agreement with Ranger Excavating for land reclamation services will begin on July 1, 2023. Blasting at the site ended in 2021 and removal of rock with equipment ended in 2022. The current lease allows for truck operations and materials processing and distributing to continue through June 30, 2023.

Ranger Excavating will perform the needed land reclamation services (land topography grading and placement of fill) so that it is prepared to eventually be developed. Ranger will continue to pay rent and property taxes on the site. Additionally, Ranger will provide needed security and maintenance for the quarry. Ranger’s agreement with the City’s terms to perform these services at no cost to the City as part of their lease represents a savings of taxpayer dollars. As longtime tenants, Ranger is uniquely familiar with the quarry site. 

The lease with Ranger will limit their operating hours and trucking operation, such as the number of trucks per day and direction of travel of the trucks. Trucks entering and exiting the quarry will be required to travel north on Anderson Mill Road from the quarry, to RM 1431/Whitestone Boulevard. Ranger will be allowed to continue parking, storing, fueling and maintenance, and repair of trucks on the site. 

The lease agreement provides the opportunity for Ranger Excavating to prepare the quarry for future development in a manner consistent with the City’s plans at no cost to taxpayers.  

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