Community Affairs

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The Director of Community Affairs is responsible for the development and management of all aspects of neighborhood relations, communications, community engagement, and marketing for the City of Cedar Park.

The Director coordinates activities with other departments and outside agencies and provides highly responsive and complex administrative support to the City Manager's Office. The Director also serves as the liaison between the community and City when important issues arise and helps communicate to the City the interests of citizens and stakeholders as well as the City's position, in an effort to reach fair decisions and a middle ground for everyone involved.

Neighborhood Engagement

The Neighborhood Engagement division of the Department of Community Affairs encompasses staying abreast of the "pulse of the community" and being aware of issues important to the citizens of Cedar Park. This can be through town hall meetings, other public meetings, as well as engagement through social media and other networking channels, with the goal of encouraging citizens to be active participants in the City.

Neighborhood engagement

Media & Communications

The Media and Communications division of the Department is responsible for the creation, dissemination, and circulation of City news, promotion of Cedar Park in the news media, and management of government access cable channel CPTV-10, the City website, and the City's social networking outlets. Other responsibilities include photography for special events, advertisement design, and creation of publications, marketing, and branding.

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