Campaign Treasurer Appointments (Form CTA)

As a service to the public, campaign treasurer appointments as filed with the City Secretary's Office are posted below.

(In alphabetical order by last name.)

Candidate / OfficeholderCTA FormDate Filed
Boyce, EricEric Boyce ACTA (PDF)
January 18, 2022
Citizens For CP 2022 BondsCitizens for the CP 2022 Bonds STA (PDF)
March 23, 2022
Duffy, AnneAnne Duffy CTA (PDF)February 17, 2017
Guevera, MikeMike Guevara CTA (PDF)
February 16, 2022
Harris, KevinKevin Harris CTA (PDF)
February 2, 2021
Hutchinson, BobbiBobbi Hutchinson CTA (PDF)December 20, 2022
Jefts, HeatherHeather Jefts ACTA (PDF)December 19, 2019
Kirkland, MelMel Kirkland CTA (PDF)
January 26, 2022
Klein, CollinCollin Klein CTA (PDF)
March 1, 2022
OBrien, JustinJustin OBrien CTA (PDF)February 6, 2023
Penniman-Morin, JimJim Penniman-Morin ACTA (April) (PDF)
April 11, 2022
Penniman-Morin, JimJim Penniman-Morin ACTA (January) (PDF)
January 15, 2022