Transportation (Streets & Roads)

  1. Bell Boulevard Road Realignment Project

The Bell Boulevard (U.S. Highway (U.S.) 183) Realignment Project will return the current Bell Boulevard (U.S. 183) roadway east onto the full extent of Old Highway 183, from Cypress Creek Road to Cedar Park Drive in Cedar Park. Currently, Old Highway 183 is a two-lane roadway parallel to Bell Boulevard (U.S. 183), running generally north and south. Bell Boulevard is proposed to be realigned and relocated to the Old Highway 183 alignment and reconstructed to a four-lane divided roadway that includes a raised median with turn lanes at intersections and driveways.

  • The City began talking to the community about the potential Bell Boulevard Realignment during the Bell Boulevard Redevelopment Master Planning process, which took place in 2014 to 2015
  • Funding for the road realignment was authorized by voters as part of the Streets and Roads bonds in the 2015 General Obligation Bond election; 
  • Design from the City is complete for Bell Boulevard (U.S. 183) from Buttercup Creek Boulevard/Old Highway183/Brushy Creek Road to Park Street
  • The utility undergrounding construction in January 2020 was completed in summer 2020
  • Road construction began in September 2020
  • In December 2021, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) marked the project substantially complete and released this section of highway to the City
  • Paving and striping is complete. The contractor is working on a final list of items. 

Funding Source

2015 Cedar Park Road Bond Funds (phase 1 road realignment).

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