Transportation (Streets & Roads)

  1. Anderson Mill Road Reconstruction Project

Phase 1

  • The Anderson Mill Road Phase 1 Reconstruction Project is now complete and the road is open to traffic

Phase 2

  • Four-lane divided roadway 
    • Cypress Creek Road to Whitestone Boulevard (RM 1431)
    • Signalized intersection at Grand Falls
    • Curb-and-gutter
    • Sidewalk gaps filled
  • Construction starting Monday, January 23, 2023
  • Estimated completion: early 2024

Project Includes

  • Adding one 12-ft wide lane in each direction in the south section. Adding one 14-ft wide lane in each direction in the north section.
  • Adding right-turn lanes at intersections
  • Replaces open ditch drainage with curb and gutter
  • Improved crosswalks at Cypress Creek and Grand Falls
  • New Traffic Signal at Grand Falls
  • New LED streetlights
  • Adds sidewalk between Zepplin and Lime Creek along the east side of Anderson Mill Road
  • New asphalt surface and pavement markings on entire road between Cypress Creek and Lime Creek
  • Safety trimming of trees over new lanes and sidewalk
  • Reconstructing sidewalk ramps
  • Existing lanes remain open during construction

Project Does Not Include

  • Obtaining addition right-of-way (ROW)
  • Removing trees except for a very few at new right-turn lanes
  • Reducing or eliminating existing sidewalks

anderson mill roadh resurfacing map

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