The Veterans Memorial Park Improvement Project was a Type B Community Development Corporation-funded FY 2018 Capital Improvement Project.

  • Installed sidewalks and stairs with handrails at the Veterans Memorial
  • Renovated existing playfield and irrigation system
  • Renovated dog park and pond
    • Concrete trail installation, grading and re-vegetation, and installation of retaining walls and tree protection
  • Replaced drinking fountains, benches, doggie pots and other miscellaneous items

Veterans Memorial Park - Concrete Trail

The project at Veterans Memorial Park is now complete and fully operational. There are now 8 dedicated Pickleball Courts and a new basketball court,IMG_0151 both with lighting.

The new pickleball courts were placed where the basketball court was and a new basketball court was added next to it. The vendors involved were CourTex and Musco Lighting.

Project included:

  • Pickleball court resurfacing
  • Concrete for the new basketball court
  • Addition of new fence
  • Addition of LED lights with a light pole